Friday, June 5, 2009

Total acceptance is accepting even your non-acceptance totally.

Total acceptance is accepting even your non-acceptance totally, which I am unable to do totally. I guess things happens when they are bound to happen. I have to accept too, that I am not able to accept things totally. Phew! vicious circle. Accepting things and pretending to accept things are different. You cannot deceive yourself, that is what I figured out. One line I remember here from a Hindi movie 'Padosan' : "जो - जो जब - जब होना है, सो - सो तब - तब होता है" , which means, I guess, things happen when the right time comes, never early, never late. So patience is the key. Now, here you can't fake that too. Patience comes, out of meditation. That is what my experience is. But for patience you again need an initial patience and that comes from life itself, out of many ups and downs, many experiences in life, not out of life, because I have not yet had the experiences of life, it comes later I guess.

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