Thursday, May 28, 2009

It Takes Much More

It takes much more to stand apart from situations,
Not being the part of it and standing aloof being just a witness, I guess. They affect you in one way or the other, without any doubt it takes much more than meditation, events plays a vital role. Events in life lead you to do, it makes you a do-er. Almost everyone relates himself with events in life. Events triggers something in you. Say the event of screwing up a paper triggers a depression, in someone. I understand that these events have nothing to do with my existence, I understand that being here now is the only ultimate and right karma, but may be this understanding is not strong enough. I have no experience, or saw psychedelic colors during my meditation. It just developed a few understandings, which I am going to mention below:

1) Happiness and sadness, depression and cheerfulness, gloom and light, it's all created by our own mind, they are just a perspective of looking at things.

2) One is always away from events happening in one's life, It is the mind which associates

3) Being here now is the only right karma, acting in the moment, but you cannot fake it and try it. Trying makes it impossible.

4) Just meditate when happy, and enjoy it. Enjoy your meditation, this is your moment. Don't make it a device for getting out of your unhappiness. Why to undo your unhappiness into happiness, when it is a creation of mind. Getting out of unhappiness is very easy. Just you have to know that this is something my mind has created, and accept it(unhappiness) with great acceptance.

I am getting to understand but these understandings are not so strong, that's what I make. Nevermind, just enjoy, meditate, this is the moment.....

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