Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Final Destination - Prashar Lake, Finally Reached. Day 1

The Prashar Lake and Prashar Temple.

After having a couple of cups of tea and snacks. I took my camera and went towards the lake. That day there were thick black clouds covering the entire sky. Prashar lake was as calm and soothing as it could be. It was situated with a lush green surrounding. The site of the lake looked like, as if a Crater had fallen and left an impact, and result of that impact formed a lake. There are many high grounds surrounding the lake.

A shot of the Lake.

So, I climbed the high ground and did a sort of parikrama of the lake, looking the lake from different perspective or projections (isometric, dimetric and trimetric). It was as I am looking towards the colors of life i.e. pain, suffering, happiness, depression etcectra, etcectra from different perspective and projections. It seemed that all those terms are mind made.

Another shot, from another point.

Took photographs.

From beyond the boundary of Prashar Lake

Reached the highest point, inside the fence (Temple and lake is surrounded by a fence defining it's boundary). There was a rock. Sat on that rock. Meditated there for a few moments and started coming closer to the lake. Visited the temple, met a few people, chatted, and went near the lake for the first time, then. It was raining a little bit. Wind was blowing, carrying coldness. Just about perfect.

The very presence of lake was so peaceful, soothing that when I felt the lake consciously, there was some sort of gravity into it, which says stop running. Sat there on a plank for about an hour or so. Then lied down beside the lake and went into Akriya Dhyan. After I came back, I saw a man standing. He was looking very puzzled. He asked me, are you drugged? I said no ofcourse not. And I was not. He told me that doing drugs is not allowed here. He was a caretaker of the temple. I said 'I know that, and I assure you that I'll not do anything of that sort. Then surprisingly he whispered, that if you want to do, I have some and I used to smoke those stuff. I said 'no thank you'. There was no need actually, when so much meditation is flowing. I asked him for a night's stay in the temple's sarai.

I got a room. So after having food, from the food joint,

The exotic food.

chatting with the people there, then tea, I went to the sarai, for a good night's sleep. Room was perfect, just above the living room of goats. They were producing some very innocent voices once in a while.

My Hide-Out At Prashar Lake

I took out my sleeping mat and sleeping bag, and with Akriya Dhyan, slowly went into my sleep.

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