Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bagi To Prashar Lake, On Foot

Australia in the sky

After the marvellous and yet simple food at Bagi, I removed my slippers and putted on my boots. Started all alone, with a strange feeling of excitement. There was a river flowing and a broad path was surrounding it. The tea - stall boy showed me the initial direction and told me that you will meet enough people in the way for assistance. I started taking the shortcuts which joined the broad road from one point to another, from low to high. I met a small village girl in my way who was not knowing any of the languages I speak. I asked her, which way to Prashar? She told me something in Himachli Language, which I got nothing of. But by her hand movements I got the direction.
From a grazing ground (on the way to Prashar Lake)

Followed the showed direction. After walking about 30 minutes I met a man, asked him about the trekking trail to Prashar lake. He told me you will find a visible trail, just you have to keep your eyes open to your right side. I took a break of 10 minutes, and started off again. One Important thing I want to tell you is, take with you 2 bottles of water, instead of one.

I missed the right trail completely, which I discovered later, and took a random trail, a few metres further from the right one. The path was full of thorny plants and guess work. At many places there were no visible trails. At some points there were thick thorny bushes which I crossed, damaging my sleeping mat and slippers (hanging at the back of my rucksack), got a few, very minor injuries, and met no one in the way after, over an hour of walk. Walking almost lost, alone in the woods was really a thrilling experience. I revisited through many emotions and feelings during my entire journey, that I have known or learned so far in my 22 years of life. May be this time I was more conscious of them. Hope, despair, fear, happiness, confusion, chaos, silence...was through all of it in a span of merely 1 hour or so. At times meditative at times not meditative at all. I was having the 60 minutes of my life.
Wrong but a beautiful path

After that one psychedelic hour, I saw a temple. There were 2 local girls praying there. They got a bit shocked seeing a stranger all sweat ed up. I asked them again the same old question, 'which way to Prashar Lake'. They first asked me from where I am? Then, how come I came this way? Normally no one choses the path, I had chosen for Prashar Lake. Then I came to know that I had taken an abnormal trail. I got a bit hopeless, from the thought that I have to go back and start all over again. But immediately I got assurance from those kind ladies that from here also you can reach Prashar. They offered me some food, bread and local butter, and showed me the way. The food was very bland and simple, but there was something in it. After eating it all up for the rest of my journey I never felt thirsty.
'The' food offered by 'the' local girls (I call it the thirst extinguisher)

After 2 hours I was on a sort of road. Saw a few boards (pictures of which are here) and rushed towards the lake. After having a momentary glimpse of the lake, I rushed for the food joint (as I was dead hungry). Had samosas and tea....And the story continues.....

A bug caught in a cotton ball

Found This On One of The Many Grazing Grounds On The Way To Prashar Lake.

Sign Board about Sage Prashar and a few Tips

So, Initially I was welcomed by this Iron Board

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