Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meena Bazaar, Delhi, India

A Signboard Reading Meena Bazaar In Hindi, Urdu and English

A Shop Full Of Phrases From The Holy Quran

Meena Bazaar A General Outlook

Another Shop

Yet Another Shop

A lovely and congested place is Meena Bazaar. The best thing here, is to listen to the customer - shopkeeper conversation. If you understand a little bit of Hindi and Urdu, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

How to Reach?

Catch a metro train from anywhere for Chawri Bazaar. Come out of Chawk Hauz Quazi exit. Either you can take a rickshaw from there or you can walk. Here is a google map's link. Otherwise you can also ask anyone out there.

I Love Urdu.

I just do not know, but I have developed a great love for spoken Urdu language. I consider it the sweetest language, on planet Earth. Now a days listening to loads of Urdu Quawaalis!!

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