Sunday, June 14, 2009

From Mandi To Bagi (Bataula), Final Destination - Prashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

The next day after staying for a night in Mandi, I got up, finally, at 5:20 AM. Reached Mandi Bus Terminal at 6:15 AM. Inquired many people about the bus to Bagi, and not Baggi. After many enquiries a staff member of Roadways told me that the bus scheduled to leave for Bagi will arrive between 8 and 8:30. I waited for the whole hour and when the expected moments arrived, it was really hard for me to spot a bus with Bagi written on the Board. When the clock clicked 9 I got really desperate. Asked another staff member of Himanchal Roadways, if there is Bagi written on the bus to Bagi, he said yes it is there. I thought I missed the bus. There was a very kind man observing me desperate and agitated for now about over 3 hours. He knew that I was planning to go to Bagi, because I had asked him about the bus, the previous day. He told me many things about the bus, but I did not pay much attention at that time, I only knew that there are a few buses running, from Mandi to Bagi. When I started marching back and forth like an agitated pendulum, at around 9:30 AM, this guy came to me and pushed me literaly towards a bus. I was really surprised, but did not resist. He pushed me into a bus and told me that this is your bus, Boy! But there was no where Bagi written on the bus plate, so I asked him. He told me, don't you pay attention. I told you yesterday, that catch a bus with Bataula written on it. BATAULA. Finally I was in a bus and was moving.

Reached Bagi at 11 AM. There is a tea stall. Had a couple of cups of tea. Enquired about the trekking route from Bagi to Prashar from a boy working at the tea stall. Had a heavy Breakfast and was off to Prashar lake. There are two paths one for motor vehicles and one for trekkers. Anyone can tell you which way to go.

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