Sunday, June 14, 2009

From Gurgaon To Mandi Via Delhi, Chandigarh, Final Destination - Prashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

I left my Gurgaon resident at 8:30 PM to catch a bus for ISBT New Delhi, with final destination, Prashar Lake, Just Like That. I reached Gurgaon bus stand at around 9:00 PM. There were 2 Volvos (A.C. Buses) waiting for their departure, destined to Chandigarh. I took a 50 buck ticket for ISBT. But if you are a delicate darling, and don't like much 'the Indian Summer', I will suggest you to take a volvo from Delhi to Chandigarh. Anyways, from ISBT I easily got a bus to Chandigarh, 'Himachal Path Parivahan Recongpeo', at around 11:30 night. It dropped me at Chandigarh bus stand, sector 43, at around 5 AM. From there I got a Punjab Roadways bus to Mandi. If you are heading towards Himachal Pradesh, always take the Himachal Parivahan buses. Rest all are snails.

That bus was controlled by two sikhs, sardars (Driver and the conductor). Conductor was very impolite and shouted somthing in punjabi about my rucksack which I missed compeletely. Then after seeing no reaction from my side he got more angry and said somthing again in punjabi, which I figured out was about my rucksack to be thrown away if not moved from it's place. The bus took around 8 or 9 hours to reach Mandi, which is 2-3 hours more than the usual. I was a bit tired, but searched 5/9th of Mandi for a cheap hotel room. Crashed in Hotel Koyal, for 150 bucks. Do not know whether it was the cheapest, but it was a bit cheap. There was a busy road just opposite to my room. Just about perfect. Went out to buy some general stuff, like soap and toothpaste. Crapped, brushed my teeth, took a bath, and went out for a walk in Mandi. Found nothing and came back after taking a solo photograph of a clock in the centre of Indira Market and making enquiries about the buses to Bagi. Which I was Informed in tits and bits by the local people, except the lady sitting at the enquiry, at Mandi Bus Terminal. Read 'Banbhatt Ki Atmakatha' in

My Hotel Room, Mandi (Hotel Koyal)

Hindi by Harjari Prasad Dwivedi, and went into a sound sleep.

Woke up at 8:30 and went to eat some food. Got 6 chapati's and a Potato dish for 30 bucks. Again dozed off at around 11.
Indira Market, Mandi

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