Saturday, June 20, 2009

Final Destination - Prashar Lake, Finally Reached. Day 2

My Book, And A Water Bottle
I woke up the next day 7:30 in the morning. After the usual stretching and rubbing, I got back to the canteen to ask for a place to shit. He showed me the direction to the open vastness. That means I was going to shit in the lap of nature. Found a nice and compatible place and had a good shit. After that brushed my teeth had a good meal. After having food I had no idea what am I going to do now. I just started walking for a change. After around about 10 minutes of walking I reached a place full of rocks and ahead a grazing ground (These grazing grounds I met many. And they are like a hope in a despair). Explored the terrain, climbed a few rocks, followed a few paths, met a few grazing cattle (includes horses, buffaloes and cows). After the whole exploration I opened the book I was carrying (Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy), read a few chapters in the state of bliss, which was there due to the nature and meditation.

The Food Joint, Prashar lake

I met a porter, in a while. His name was Mr. Bhagwan. I forgot to mention but there was a fair coming ahead. So he was there to put a toy stall. I talked with him, took his photograph, and promised him to meet in the evening for the food. In the afternoon had a good meal at 'THE' food joint, had a spiritiual conversation with the local people. Among them the watchman of the guest house (There are now three guest houses, which belongs to Forrest Department of India) became a good friend of mine. In the evening I met Mr. Bhagwan, had a few gulps of liquor with him. He took me to his family members who were present there for an Indroduction sort of thing. I took their photographs as well.

Mr. Bhagwan...A friend

Forgot my book camera at Mr. Bhagwan's place. These himachali people are so innocent, so pure, so honest that I started falling in love with those people. I got each and everything back. As I was a bit drunk and it was all dark, so I asked Mr. Bhagwan to guide me to the food joint. He offered me a stay. I was so willing to stay with them but my rucksack was with the watchman at the guest house. So I came back and after food, with the watchman made my way to the guest house, as he also had offered me a stay with him.

Mr. Bhagwan's Gang

Had a continues 3 hours spiritual talk with the watchman friend. Atlast he told me that, man you just spun my head, 360. After the talk I slept at 12 and the next day descended back following the right path this time.

Back To Delhi.

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