Wednesday, April 6, 2011

India Against Corruption, Support Anna Hazare, Posters Designed By Subodh Singh, From USA. Concept Dilip Dwivedi

We've created a poster and are distributing and pasting the printouts in the neighborhood. You can download the PDF and take printouts, and distribute and paste in your neighborhood.


  1. Thanks, where to download the pdf from? Would appreciate if we can use your poster (would need to change the dates though).


  2. Rise of a new Indian race!

    1)We require a new Political Party in Delhi.

    2)In total there would be only two main Parties all over India.All other political party across the country should be abolished and their corrupt political members should be shot dead.

    3)Total change of constitution must be made with strict rules all over.for example: spitting on road or throwing garbage would cost you spot fine of 500rs.breaking of traffic rules spot fine of 1000rs.There will be no quota system.every Indian will be treated equal.

    4)we need to emerge as a new military super power by conquering Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, that once was part of this great nation.

    5)Steps will be taken to abolish unemployment.every able bodies men and women will put to work to shine this nation.

    6)Population of the country must be controlled.all cities and metropolis buildings should follow proper land plans. illegal buildings will be utterly destroyed.

    7)All illegal immigrants must be squished. all immigrants will be driven out off the country or will be used as cheap labor.

    At least if i come to power i would certainly put these to immediate effect.