Friday, May 15, 2009

Eiger Dreams and Into Thin Air. What It Takes To Write Books Like Those, If You Are An Indian And Living In India?

When I read those books from Jon Krakauer, the first thing that occured to me was, why can't Indian's write those books?? When there are so many, really beautiful places to travel, here in India. I was pondering on this thing, and came up with the following observations:

1) Majority of youth fall into the category of a middle class family. And consequently, because of the family and society structure he/she have to join the rat race.

2) No real courage. Here, respect means timidity. How timid you can be in front of your parents, that is the measure of the real respect. Instead of telling the things one should tell on their faces, young guns talk it on their backs, either with a friend or somewhere in their thoughts. In a nutshell, no real authenticity with parents.

3) Most of the young guys who can travel and explore, and write, are either mugging, or too much concerned about sex, or a girlfriend(everything else follow, like bikes, branded clothings, etc. etc.). Sex is the most repressed entity here in India. That is why it has become an important feeling or desire or urge in most of the Indians. Actually sex is nothing, but because of progressive repressions from society and family it has become everything, in most of the Indians.

4) First stand on your own feet, beta (son), and that too in our way, and then do whatever you feel like. It's like guiding a child on his/her first, walk of life. But the only difference here in India is that, this process continues till the child is 22-26 years old. So, as a result no real maturity comes in most of the 26-28 year olds.

Guys, why go into the rat race if you do not want to go in there. If you want to join it then it's fine. I find no reason why you young guns cannot be authentic to your parents. In worse of the worse cases your life will not end. What if you have smoked, what if you went to a prostitute for a paid sex? Tell it to your parents. Be and feel responsible for your actions.

I just feel that those differences between east and west are made by us only. Do not fall into the trap of being an eastern or western, just be youself (which is the most toughest job or thing to do, I know).

P.S. Kindly read those books, if you have'nt.

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