Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do we really need a Religion? 15% of U.S. population do not think so.

This question kept on haunting me right from my very early age. Why should we pray, or go to temples (as I was a Hindu), who are these people with flutes in their hands, or snakes around their necks, and more importantly do we really need a Religion, to survive? or for any goddam reason. Recently I figured it out that we do not need religion at all. Religion is just a device created by our so called holy and sacred gurus or pundits, to exploit the insecurity residing in most of the human minds.

This survey in United States Of America shows the growing population of 'nones'. The people who when asked upon, what religion you follow, answers 'none'. 'Nones' are now 15% of population, up from 8% in 1990. And when this figure shoots up to 100% of Earth's population, Kaliyuga is going to end that very day. This 7% rise in 19 years also seems very reformatory, to me.

These are the links to the articles on US news and USA today, containing the details on the survey about 'nones' :

US News.

USA Today.

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