Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walking Mclaudganj part 1

Initially when i reached Dharamshala. I was very agitated and unhappy about the place. I guess 'rancor' is the word more appropriate here. People showing off, same old egoistic eyes, and ambiance I used to find in the plains of Delhi or Gurgaon.

I was quite expecting it because I have done a couple of treks (one in Goa, with YHAI. And one in Lahaul and Spiti, that was with ecosphere). If you are a Delihite, and going on a trek, you ought to travel 10 hrs atleast to reach someplace like Shimla or Manali. Before you can get into vast spaces, nature and real humans (that too a very few). So one have to stay a night in such commercialized hill stations, or may be not.

I stayed for a night in Manali after a 12hr journey by bus, when I was going for a trek in Spiti. The next day I reached Kazaa. I could so clearly draw shades of gray between the two place. Excuse me! On the second thought I'll keep it black and white. Manali or some fucking commercialized hillstations to be all black and anything above 4000mts, white, heaven.

So that was the feeling I was carrying with me before the trip. When you have a taste of bliss how can you enjoy shit, or when you have tasted shit then only you can enjoy bliss. But you got to know what is bliss and what is shit. You must be thinking that why did'nt I ran away from this place, when I was so pissed off. There is a reason, firstly the main priority of the trip was an Industrial visit to Infosys, Chandigarh(Chandigargh pictures I have uploaded in my previous post, there was nothing much to write about). And after that we were supposed to go for an educational trip to Dharamshala, with a bunch of 97-(3+1)=93 idiots, from a trekkers point of view I am calling them idiots.

Anyways first let me get to the educational part of the 'educational trip'. All education what I witnessed was under the following three categories :-

1) Putting on some nicest clothes and fancy sunglasses ofcourse. There is no harm in that but priority wise this was the foremost priority among others

2) Photo clicking. Photo clicking is good, but only clicking photos and all of them dedicated to humans, certainly not my point of idea for a photoclick.

3) Fashion parade and chick/stud checkout. That one can anytime do in Delhi or an alike city.

When we reached Mclaudganj the first thing we three(remember 97-(3+1) idiots) of us did was that we secluded ourselves, physically from the group and with wandering and vagabond ism in heart, we started our trip to nowhere....(contd.)

'Buddhist Graffiti'

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