Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Words Of Wisdom, From Prashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

Words Of Wisdom

All the parents all the society tell their children to
stay away from bad company, drugs, and other
intoxicants, which is a good thing, from their
perspective and society's perspective. But
it creates a curiosity in the child mind if you
go on repeating it. On the more these things
arouse quickest and the strongest curiosity,
than other 'say no' things, that is because of
the emphasis we put. And as the child grows
in age, these things tends to attract him/her.
Even the clean guys have a curiosity in them,
but they fight with themselves and try their best
to suppress it.

If in the process of growing up of a child we teach
him/her, how to hunt down lust, anger, greed,
attachments, and ego, i.e. meditation, instead
of telling him/her, to do this and not to do this,
after a certain age, we can bring in a revolution.