Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Dhebari (Indian Lamp)

The Dhebari (Indian Lamp)

I still remember these Indian Desi Lamps. Prepared by filling an empty bottle with kerosene oil, putting a small hole on the cap of the bottle and using an abandoned piece of cloth as a wick. I love the way these lamps leaves soot, and the sweet smell of burning kerosene. My grandmother used to make such lamps. These lamps were used in my childhood when there would have been a power cut, as a result of that we all used to gather around this ordinary lamp, leaving all the serious work, (like for me, getting away from studies) and chat, joke. All ambience suddenly used to turn gay. I still remember, myself, playing with the soot.

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  1. yeah..old treasured memories..stays foreva:)