Thursday, July 9, 2009

Money Earned By Our Indian Tennis Players This Year

Paes : 132,399 USD
Bhupati : 195213 USD

Sania Mirza : 274,084 USD

I came across these figures in some hindi daily, today. Sania Mirza, who can be even beaten by our baddy star Saina Nehwal, not in Badminton but in Tennis, which I am sure of, is earning more in terms of money than Paes and Bhupati (who actually used to win). I do not know for what this girl is earning more that Paes and Bhupati, for losing? and that too in the opening rounds. World is not fair as Calvin's Dad say in Calvin and Hobbes, I guess holds true.


  1. That's earnings from matches I guess, since it is in the public domain.

  2. Is it?? I guess in that case doubles won't pay much...