Monday, July 6, 2009

Wimbledon Finals - Mens, Roger Fedrer Vs Andy Roddick

First of all, what a final it was. I was never interested in watching Andy thrashed by Roger, if we depict from the past. But just on the day of the finals, in the afternoon, I came across an article about the influences of each player's wives on them. I came to know that Andy wished to quit tennis, and his wife influenced him to make a come back, and indeed it was hell of a come back. When a true quitter (in a sport or life or profession), comes back, he comes as a different person, reformed person. This was the thought that occured to me after reading that article, that this is not going to be the ordinary Roddick we have seen so far, but a reformed Andy Roddick. The match proves my point. No doubt he lost the championship, but not in his trademark style, but in a legendry style.

I watched the whole game. In the last set it occured to me, that we just do not have the sort of energy left to cover that extra one mile, which matters the most, to complete the journey. Which Roger Fedrer have in him. That is why, I guess 15 bears on his jacket.

I know that now Andy's not going to quit tennis for a long time, and will become the next number 1.

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