Friday, July 17, 2009

Question Answer

There are answers to the simple problems.
There are answers to the difficult problems.
There are even answers to the toughest problems.
But the answer to the simplest problem is never there.


  1. how is the behavior of a hungry 'civilized' person diff from that of a hungry savage....?

  2. there lies no difference, both are hungry, just one is civilized and the other is a savage, but both are humans and are hungry. :)

  3. a civilized person will try suppress or repress his hunger and a savage will not do so, he will rather express it...i think there lies the only difference

  4. n there i think lies ur ans 2 when hunger has converted u 2 a savage u'll rip apart a chicken n eat unlike a civilized person who'll search 4 a butcher n become a savage(esoterically!!!) u'll get every ans....

  5. being yourself, be anything, it does not matter. But being yourself itself is the toughest job, on this planet, I guess.