Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saina Nehwal Wins Yonex Sunrise-Indian Open Grand Prix gold badminton championships.

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Saina Nehwal winning the Yonex Sunrise-India Open Grand Prix gold badminton championships, is a matter of great pride and honor for any Indian. Living in a Cricket dominated country, where half of the country may not be even aware of Nehwal's great accolade. 

It is a shame for me as well, that I missed her conquest, and had to watch the repeat telecast. 

She also received the nation's distinguished civilian award, Padma Shri this year in 2010. Same Padma Shri was offered to the ignorant and shallow captain of our Indian Cricket Team, Mr. Dhoni, who did not even bother to attend the ceremony. Actually he was busy. Busy with some modelling consignment, you know! After all now he is country's number one sports person, in money making, or bank balance. This last piece of information was in last week's Brunch. 

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