Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Need Not Be Very Affluent, To Be A Philanthropist.

I had this feeling, for very long, that one need not be very affluent to be a philanthropist. Even a destitute, indigent person can be an altruist, philanthropist. Just, one has to be a magnanimous person overall. Only a big heart is needed, and nothing else.

My this feeling turned into a conviction, when I read this article called Beggar who gave alms to the poor on 'The Times Of India' web site. After reading this article, I realized that the act of philanthropy coming from any affluent person is nothing, as compared to Khimjibhai Prajapati. 

When you have something in abundance, it becomes easy to share, but if you have only one bread, the same act of sharing becomes very difficult in this different and changed circumstance. It is easy to offer a seat to a lady when there is ample space to stand and journey is not very long, change the scenario to, over crowded bus and 4-5 hours journey, and observe the reluctance brewing in people.  

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