Saturday, May 18, 2013


When this bitch 'confusion' strikes you, it stings like a bee or a wasp, or sometimes even a cobra, with all it's might have stung you, and that too on the most sensitive part of your body. Pain is immense, but you somehow have to distract yourself from it either being a workaholic, or alcoholic, or may be a sport freak. It helps, it does, but just only temporarily. Confusion is a state when you are an aberrant from your being, i.e. lack of self belief, lack of appreciation, lack of friends, but mostly it is an aberration from your core, former listed. How to get out of such predicament. I was pondering on the same subject for the last 90 days and was not able to reach to a prudent solution.

I drafted this post 90 days ago, not one day hither or tither. Today after 90 and a day more, I managed to find a solution to  this cowweb of confusion and havoc of my soul.

And that is simply, "simplicity".        

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