Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is There Anything Wrong, With Us Feminists??

I will cut the crap out, and come straight to point. Right from childhood to adolescence I never felt any shame or male chauvinistic feeling about any annihilation, in any form, be it sport, intellect or any goddamn thing you may think of,  from the opposite sex i.e. female in my case. I respect them a lot, I adore them, I worship them, that was and is my upbringing. These teachings and initial upbringings were okay, till the time there is no line between love and lust, sex or desire, after that no teacher, no guide, you are on your own. Society is cruel for those who are sensitive and simply ignore to follow the norms, are subdued, suppressed, and are called eunuch, in this rapist and male chauvinist society. But the saddest part is, that the females think in the same direction. They demand or expect chauvinistic approach from a male, which in my opinion is ridiculous. Buddha was a hardcore feminist, Zarathustra was a feminist, there are so many Sufi Saints who were hardcore feminists, who changed the world and thinking of its people, for good, peace and tranquility. But the problem is not in being a feminist or in being a male chauvinist, the problem loses its obscurity when a male is a hardcore feminist, or if a female is a male chauvinist. If Anthony Susan, B is a feminist, historians will write pages upon pages in her eulogy. Majority is driven by the society and society is an antonym to aberration, so in my opinion, even if people (So Called Society) look down upon me. In terms, that I never proposed a girl (Based upon false pretentiousness), I never had any sexual relationship with a societal female, that too based upon false pretentiousness, and false promises, I am today proud of my feminism and conscientiousness towards paying respect to females. I ask this question to those, who accuse me of being an aberration, how can you commit without love, how can you, without discovering love, call your lust love and believe it, and make your counter female-part believe in the same, and still call us feminists an aberration. I think you need to introspect, and NOT us.