Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love; Perception; aesthetic qualities.

You walk down a road, or stand on your balcony, or drive a car, bike, cycle, or anything else. Do you see anything ecstatically jubilant, worth noticing (Unless you are not in Laddakh or Alaska) ? I guess it will be a meek yes or probably a no. Have you ever wondered why people want to break free, why they have this connotation of being a footloose, and break this chain of irksome obligations and oppression?

I cannot say about anyone else, but I pondered over this subject for many years. In my 24 years of life I read many sages (of the likes of Buddha, Kabeer, Bulleh Shah, Tolstoy etc.), but no one emphasized on leaving your home, family; and live a deserted life of an ascetic. Yet the idea of such life fascinates us and stirs up a kind of wild fascination. Why is it so? Are we not content with the life we are leading? Is there a kind of hidden beast, inside all of us? Or are we too busy in affectations? Or is it our curiosity towards the ultimate truth?

I cannot be sure, nor can I provide you with a readymade answer.

But what can I do is that; I can discuss love, complacency, and inexpectation. But to doubt is humane. Who am I to talk about such intricate issues? I am not Lord Jesus, nor I am Gautama The Buddha or any other enlightened or wise soul. I’ll quote Dostoevsky here

“When the whole essence of an ordinary person's nature lies in his perpetual and unchangeable commonplaceness; and when in spite of all his endeavors to do something out of the common, this person ends, eventually, by remaining in his unbroken line of routine--. I think such an individual really does become a type of his own--a type of commonplaceness which will not for the world, if it can help it, be contented, but strains and yearns to be something original and independent, without the slightest possibility of being so.”

Again Dostoevsky says

“Of such people there are countless numbers in this world--far more even than appear.”
I am an apotheosis of the same commonplaceness.

But since there are countless numbers in this world of the same commonplaceness; so many will be able to connect with what I write from now on.

I’ll take up love; since perceptions and aesthetic qualities all depends upon love.

But before that let me put up this audacious question, that ‘what makes up a sophisticated human?’

Sophistication? Intricacy? Circumlocution? Politics? Philosophy? Nah!

My experience says, simplicity, ingenuousness, and innocence.

I used to go to this tea shop every weekend. There are many vehement forms, contours, formations and arrangements of nature which usually goes obscured and dissimulated, under the kaleidoscope of resentment, apathy, aversion, craving and other such mind dwellings.

But when the mirror of the same kaleidoscope changes with the mirror of love, everything becomes so conspicuous. Beauty shouts at you, subtleties of things exhilarates you, simplicity towards ingenuousness amazes you, and you expect no more, at that space and time.

Above picture is the same clichéd arrangement of nature, I go through every weekend. But this weekend was a bit different. When I encountered this same old clichéd arrangements of nature with the goggles or spectacles or kaleidoscope of love, empathy, complacency, I was awestruck with the magnanimity of it. It was huge and unexplainable. 

Love is the base of every magnanimous perception which in turn becomes an aesthetic quality. Without experiencing crystalline love, human life is incomplete, and without getting habitual of it, human life is a waste.   
Unadulterated love has the power of such; to turn obtuse into acute. It gives you a clean pair of glasses to look at the world and childlike world is what I call paradise. I do not know how to develop such kind of love and how to sustain it. I just know that don't create an affectation of it.     


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