Saturday, June 11, 2011

The List Of Ten Things To Be Done, Before Hitting My Deathbed.

During my V&A training our trainer threw many questions upon us which were carrying this epitome of 'how much you know your own self'. I realized that we know about everything which is unimportant, without knowing what is most important. This Gap, or self-ignorance reduces and limits our perception of perceiving the external world. This wish list exercise is a very minute step towards knowing your own self, because it hardly tells us about our deepest inner self, but no gigantic step is sudden, but an aggregation of such minute steps. And as the famous saying goes 'Know Yourself To Know God'. So I thought to commence with this exercise. Day before yesterday I thought out my wishlist, somewhat performed a soliloquy, articulating my thoughts into speech, and today I'll be putting them into a blog post.

Following are the ten things which I want to do before my song gets over:

1) There are these six books which I want to read before dying : Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak, War And Peace And Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy, White Fang and The Call Of The Wild, both by Jack London, and Being and Nothingness by Jean Paul Sartre.

2) Attain Enlightenment. The whole purpose of life, in my point of view, is an opportunity to redeem yourself from your old habit patterns, break the chains of bondage, fear, aversion and craving, and eventually harmonize your being with nature, with people around and most importantly with your own-self.

3) I want to love a woman, with all my heart and being. I am not talking about that typical and cliched love we witness around us. I am talking about love, in it's most crystalline form, unadulterated by expectations and craving. But this should happen naturally and should come from within, otherwise that love will never be unconditional.   

4) I want to adopt 2-3 children and raise them as healthy (both mentally and physically) individuals, by inculcating in them high morals, values, and providing them with good education. I will never reproduce, as there are so many children already on this planet.
There is so much to learn from children. They are the apotheosis of innocence and love. 

5) Open up a tea shop, somewhere high up in a Himalayan village, where everyone working in it will be the owner of the tea shop, sharing equal usufructs. We will practice communism in that small institution, spreading good will. The shop will have it's wall full with graffiti, there will be good music playing all through from Pink Floyd to Bhimsen Joshi to Sabri Brothers, shop's ambiance will be benign, peaceful, and full of harmony.

6) Quit smoking. I don't want to die, craving for a cigarette. My last thoughts at the time of my death, should not be persistent with smoking.

7) Participate in both marathon and triathlon.

8) This is from one of my childhood fantasies, that I always wanted to become an engine driver, not an engineer, doctor or advocate, but an engine driver. So I want to work as an engine driver for maybe two or three years. The reminiscence of that view, which I experienced from an engine cabin, when I was a kid, still exhilarates me.

9) I want to swim across, from Rameswaram in India to Mannar in Sri Lanka.

10) To put a tick mark in front of every point in my wishlist. 


  1. Moyra Jean ThomasJune 12, 2011 at 1:18 AM

    U are such an inspiration Dilip. So young, yet so different from all the other's your age. U have a beautiful wishlist. I haven't completed mine as yet, but will do, soon enough. Wish you all the luck with your endeavours. God Bless you!!!.... :)

  2. Ma'am it's your magnanimity, that compelled you to form such perception. Whenever you complete your wishlist, do share it with me, I'll be more than happy, reading it. Thank you ma'am that you visited my blog and left such a pleasing comment.