Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Departed

These were the new arrivals, for this winter,
Flourishing and growing among humans and nature,
Sucking on their mother's nipple,
Barking, playing, grabbing, nabbing,
All seemed like a frivolous playing.
Until one day,
Grabbed, nabbed, in a mosquito net,
Loaded up in a car chest,
Thrown into an unknown world,
Separated from their motherly love,
All grew so gloomy and dark,
I pray for thee departed creatures of god,
And I kneel before you, almighty lord.
Was This Humane On The Human Part??


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  2. Who were they, the MCD or Friendicoes...?

  3. Well, I don't know who it was and what were the reasons. All I can say is that the perpetrators can be prosecuted under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960.Refer to Chapter III 11(d)and (i).

  4. Q11) Can an RWA/Society or any individual remove or have removed the dogs in a
    colony that are already sterilized and vaccinated and throw them away
    A) Under the Govt. of India, Animal Birth Control Rules 2001, no sterilized dogs can
    be relocated from their area. As per five different High Court orders, sterilized
    dogs have to remain in their original areas. If the dog is not sterilized, the Society
    can simply ask an animal welfare organization to sterilize and vaccinate the dog.
    They cannot relocate them. Relocation is not permissible, as it would cause more
    problems such as an increase in dog bites as new dogs will move into the area
    who are unfamiliar with residents and therefore more likely to be hostile.
    B) The Government of India has issued a circular Dy No 1237 dated 30/9/2006,
    specifically directing all RWAs and any other recognized citizens associations as

    As per Section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960, beating,
    kicking ,over-riding, overloading, over-driving, torturing or otherwise treating
    any animals so as to subject it to unnecessary pain amounts to cruelty on
    animals. And whoever indulges in an act of cruelty to animals makes himself
    liable for action under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
    There are designated agencies in Govt/local self-government Organizations
    that are authorized to deal with stray animals. Such Organizations regularly
    undertake inoculations, sterilization of animals and other programmes.
    Recognized Associations may approach such institution for redressal of their
    grievances if any, with regard to stray animals. Un-recognized associations
    may also approach such bodies with their grievances, but they should not
    pretend to represent the residents in general.
    All problems of stray animals have to be handled within the institutional
    framework available. No association, recognized or unrecognized, shall take
    recourse to any action regarding stray animals on their own, either themselves
    or through any person employed by them like security guards.
    Where there is no recognized association, residents may take up grievances
    through the AWO/Office of the CWO.
    While residents and Associations are free to address institutional agencies for
    redressal of grievances in this matter, no resident/association will interfere
    with the freedom of other residents in caring and attending animals.
    Intimidating in any manner, those who feed and care for animals is a criminal
    offence. Apart from action under appropriate criminal law, such persons will
    render themselves liable for action under CCS Conduct Rules.

  5. Thanks to you Dilip for posting that helpful information. Awareness will be spread this way and the insensitive will abstain from committing such heinous acts or try to rectify,if they did any such thing ignorantly.