Monday, January 17, 2011

Write A Story On This Picture!!

Apoorva Tiwari Came Up With This...

Trudged so far on this path eternal
Mesmerized by a mirage of bliss
Laid this track on faith ephemeral
Set to rectify what was never amiss
Behold this thoughtful impudent
Marching with a passion discreet
Civilized a kingdom hitherto verdant
With jungles of steel and concrete
An insatiable thirst of being the first
Renders him cold to a hunger divine
Trying to quench it with gold and lust
Only emaciates him further to repine
Ground to a halt at this piquant signal
Despite the power the zeal is riven
They say it portends a path abyssal 
Could I chug my way back to heaven.

I am so obliged for his expressions and such intricate usage of English language which fell upon my Blog...Thanks A Tonne Ponds!! 


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  2. When a picture can say a thousand words then why should we try to contain that in a lesser number..?

  3. Try Explain The Self Explanatory, And Something Obscure Will Appear...

  4. effort was not to obscure the obvious with intricacy.