Sunday, December 14, 2014

Delivered...But Need More Clothes+Altruism+Philanthropy From You.

Too Much Comfort Becomes Uncomfortable, And Too Much Discomfort Is Always Uncomfortable. So, Give Out Some Comfort From Too Much Comfort To People Living In Too Much Discomfort So That Everyone Becomes Comfortable. 

Today I felt India's population with it's poverty, and this time not vicariously.

 I heartily thank Alka Bua  for her valuable contributions. And my sincere thanks to Ankur Tyagi Sir, for his promise and support.

I went with a big rucksack, full of clothes, with a feeling of adequacy. But the rucksack was empty within 30 minutes. If anyone of you guys reading my blog have any piece of not-in-use warm clothes, either hand it over to me and I'll distribute them on your behalf, or take out a weekend, and you guys, yourself collect clothes from your respective communities and provide our brothers and sisters some warmth.

  'Provide and support them with some warm clothes and make their winter pleasant' This is my very kind request to all you people.    

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