Thursday, March 18, 2010

Become A Social Investor At RangDe

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea."  -Buddha 

A few months back, I deactivated all my social networking accounts. Because for me it was a sheer waste of time. Wasting time, is what no one likes, but because of the infinite loop created, it becomes difficult to come out of it.

Those sites and activities may recreate you or even help you building a social network or circle. Social interactions - Is it all about recreation, chatting, sharing pictures, videos, thoughts and news? If it is so, then where is the real deed? In real sense, are we making any difference, in society? And society should not be according to, where you live, or what you do. This is the era of internet and communication i.e. The World Shrinkers. If the world has shrunk so drastically, that we are calling it a global village, if it is so, then it would be unfair to exclude the poor, and underprivileged.

So to take you out of unfair scenario, there is a site called RangDe which carries the slogan "Knock out the poverty, become a social investor". On the site you can lend money to poor, in the multiples of 100. Micro-loan, is what the concept is termed out to be.

The idea it carries is a good one. Way apart from the typical concept of typical Social Networking Sites.
    Mr. Ravinder Kaushik (My College Senior) refreshed me with the following stats:
Borrowers Impacted 2641
Social Investors 1083
Social Investments Raised Rs. 1,30,61,000
Social Investments Repaid Rs. 68,12,942
Repayment Rate 98.9%
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  1. good
    Swami ji strikes again..

  2. Again a very good post. I love it and post it on facebook and twitter. :-) Hope you approve.

  3. We Care India is another platform ( similar to Rangde) that recently launched and operates at grassroots bypassing a field partners. Check it out at also their blog at