Sunday, February 21, 2010

'Crying' Is The Birth Right Of A Child. Cry With Freedom

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Recently my company changed drastically. A few days before my company comprised of just-teenage-out, confused boys, and now it is mostly a baby girl. My cousin sister. Now a days majority of my thoughts are one way or the other related to her. Kids, understand human nature more than the grown ups do. So to understand them, you have to be really really meditative.

One thing which became clear to me was that, a life starts with a cry, an innocent weeping. But since the grown-ups do not like a crying baby (I have seen people frowning to the mother or parents when they see a crying baby somewhere in a bus or metro), they try to distract the child. It is child's nature and birth right i.e. 'to cry', give them this freedom, whether you like it or not, let them cry, but one should understand the difference i.e. when they are crying out of necessity and when they are crying over futile or mundane things. Crying 'through' will put a realization in the child's mind (realization and kids?? you must be wondering. But kids are more prone to realizations than any of us, grown ups) that crying is futile, and he/she will device new methods to be happy. Every soul is in a pursuit towards happiness, and during our pursuit we tend to avoid unhappiness and sadness, instead of accepting it, and letting it come. Without being sad, true happiness cannot be discovered. Just like, there is a day after night. Day will be useless if night does not exist, or you can say, it is the difference between day and night, which makes day visible. Sadness or unhappiness has it's own significance in life, just like night have, to make day distinguishable.

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