Thursday, October 1, 2009

My secret love "muzik"

makes me smile,in the silence
makes me cry wid the violens,
touches my heart with the guitars,
can't see him cuz he's so far,
takes away my pains and heels my sorrows
relaxes my senses and makes a better tomorrow,
turns me on wid his rythem and blues,
tries to reach my soul with the spiritual views,

makes me burn on the dance floor,
makes me loose wid the loud roar,
breaks my head and bang it hard,
when rock and roll and metal goes apart,
and the hip-hop forces to shake n spin around,
with drums beats driving wicked and surround,
takes my breath away with the old gold classics,
which makes the air go so romantic,
and the base goes running along,
across the southern rock with the country so longed.

and the jazz and raggae comes in action,
with the sweetness and suntan goes in attraction,

he's taught me so much about life
that i knw i can make myself no more strive,
i can feel him in my ears,
but he can't wid all those gears,
i can't see him newhere,
eventhough he catches me evrywhere.

he's immortal and neva bids gudbye,
but i sometyms have to fall apart n go so shy.


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